The artisan way of baking

The key to artisan baking consists of using wholesome, clean (free of preservatives and additives) ingredients and slow fermentation. The slow rising of the dough gives enzymes enough time to break down complex carbohydrates therefore making the bread easier to digest. This interaction also creates lactic acid and acetic acid. Lactic acid contributes to better digestibility and a unique flavour. Acetic acid acts as a flavour agent and natural preservative. Just like a good wine, the more you take your time the better the results.

Sourdough baking

Sourdough is a symbiotic culture of bacteria (lactobacilli) and airborne fungus (wild yeast) in which each element within the relationship provides something the other elements needs. Sourdough starter, made from water and grain flour creates the environment and food for these micro organisms to perform their magic. The airborne wild yeast creates enzymes needed to break down complex carbohydrates for the bacteria to eat. The resulting interaction releases carbon dioxide, which makes the dough expand and therefore leavens the bread.

Organic baking

Organic products are not a trend, they are here to stay. It is important that our customers understand what organic means. Organic Certification begins with farmland that is three (3) years free from the last application of chemical fertilizer or farming practice that is not in compliance with the internationally accepted standards. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are not acceptable in any organic product. Due to the absence of chemical pesticides and herbicides, the pressure on soil, air and water is greatly reduced, insuring many more healthy crops being harvested from a healthy land.

The Bakers

We are dedicated to the artisan way of baking and producing authentic European and Artisan breads. Only unbleached, wholesome ingredients are used for all our baking. Bread has been made for over 5000 years and has always been a symbol of health and life. There is no need for chemicals or other ingredients to improve the quality and/or shelf life of bread. Artisan baking is not something new, it is rediscovering the old, wholesome way of bread making. All our staff is well trained to understand the art of baking. The head bakers are master-bakers who are very dedicated in what they are doing, and proud of what they are producing.