The people behind the products

The Staff

We have a dedicate team of people, who take pride in what they do. Starting with our office staff to assist you with placing orders and answering questions, next our trained artisan bakers will bake everything from scratch every morning, then our organized packers and shippers will make sure it gets to it's right destination and they will send our punctual drivers on their way to deliver the fresh products. If you come to one of our stores you will be greeted with a smile by our knowledgeable store staff and they will do their best to assist you.

The Entire Grainharvest Staff

The Owners

Hubert, Roland and David are actively involved in the daily production and procedures. Together they bring close to 70 years of baking experience to the table. They also focus on developing new products and refining existing ones, taking care of customer relationships, to ensure that their needs are met. They basically jump in wherever it is needed to make sure it is a smooth operation all around. Their philosophy is: A happy baker, makes a happy bread!

Roland, David and Hubert covered in icing sugar
Roland, David and Hubert covered in icing sugar